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Star Packs Insect Killers

Today, Hygiene is a keyword that determines our health and environment. It's well known fact that flies and insects are the carriers of deadly diseases. They also are a cause of embarrassment to the host. Star Packs has tackled these problems by launching a wide range of insect eliminators in the Indian market

Standard Features:
•    Keyholes slots on rare panel for rapid installations.
•    Safety interrupt switch that discharges electric current to the unit while servicing.
•    Internal insect collection tray designed for easy cleaning / emptying.
•    Philips Holland / Hitachi Japan tube with correct radiation
•    Moisture proof Teflon spaces to maintain the precise inter grid space.
•    The equipment excluding tube comes with 1 year guarantee.
•    Environment - Friendly.

Fly Killer is the most sophisticated and technically perfected insect eliminator which uses ultra violet tubes. Fly Killer has been perfected after a lot of research and market survey.

Unmatched Features: 

  • Safe and Economical.
  • The light rays emitted by the tubes are not harmful to human beings as the frequency is very low.
  • The power consumption is very negligible from 30 to 120 watts depending on the model.

Major Advantages

  • Hygienic  / Noiseless  / No fumes  / No chemicals  / Economically priced
  • No odour / Continuous service  / Ideal for both home as well as commercial places like:
  • Pharmaceutical & Food Industries
  • Laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • Computer facilities
  • Cold Storages
  • Electrical & Electronic Industries
  • Show Rooms and Restaurant  
  • Hospitals

Wide range to suit your surroundings

SP 201:  Single Tube Series: U.V. Tubes (Phillips Holland):
24" / 20 W X 1 No.
SP 202: Double Tube Series:  U.V. Tubes (Phillips Holland):
24" / 20 W X 2 No’s.
SP 204: Four Tube Series:  U.V. Tubes (Phillips Holland):
24" / 20 W X 4 No’s.

• 'STAR PACKS ' always with Phillips (Holland) U.V. Tubes forever.
 • Epoxy Coated   / MS Powder Coated 3 K.V.H.V. Transformers with 500    
P.F. / 7.5 KV Capacitor gives high protection in moisture.
 • Big bottom tray to collect all dead insects.

Warning: Switch off and remove the plug before cleaning tray and earthing is essential for all the models


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