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Star Packs Air curtains are the best elements to control the indoor climate in all the places where the doors can't be always closed. Throw the numerous applications where you can use them:-

To prevent cold air from pushing its way in , To  prevent warm air from disappearing out the door,  Keep fresh air by preventing pollution, Dust, Insects  , Reduce the heating energy loses, Cold droughts  elimination. Air curtains are built in furnace painted steel panels. The operation is regulated throw a two speed fan(blower) and a heating power step. The security in the air curtains is guaranteed throw a manual reset temperature limiter that works in case of over heating.

Invisible dust has a telling effect on sensitive electronic equipments like Computers and the sort. It goes without saying prevention is always better then cures. Dust prevention is no longer a luxury but necessity in almost all spheres of life. In a world where you can find umpteen similar products, how do you pick the right equipment to do your job in a sustained and in an economical way over a period of time?

Why choose STAR PACKS?

  • Powerful trouble free motor or robust design for sustained action over a period of time.
  • Unique blower design for optimum displacement of air at low noise level.
  • Resilient mounted drive and BALL BEARING for end pin support for effective dissipation of vibration.
  • Louvres at air exists are adjustable for effective deflection of air.
  • STAR PACKS air curtains are finished in polyurethane surface or powder coated finish for    extended life and corrosion resistance.
  • Custom built equipment can be designed to suit specific requirement.

Star Packs Air Curtains are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and offer quite and effective performance. Primarily used for customer or employee entrances. Models are designed to prevent cold or warm air, dust and insects from entering your premises.


Air Curtains are having tremendous benefits which can be realized for the system. They are as following :

• Increase the employee comforts.
• Energy savings through control of air transfer.
• Eliminate ice and fog in cold storage areas.
• It decreases product spoilage
• It controls air movements within the buildings.

How to select an Air Curtain:  

There are some factors that we should consider while choosing the Air Curtains for our Applications:

• The size of the door

   Mounting option like wall mounting or on ceiling mounting
• The types of application we are going to use
• Outside Climate Conditions
• Inside climate Conditions

Star Packs  Air Curtains are available in four series with outlet air velocity ranging 10 to 12  Mtrs / Sec., 12-14 Mtrs / Sec., 16 to 18 Mtrs / Sec., 18 to 20 Mtrs/ Sec., in each series. Models are available to suit door widths from 3 feet to 6 feet.

Casing of the Body MS powder coated & Stainless Steel

 • Pharmaceutical & Food Industries
 • Laboratories
 • Clean Rooms
 • Computer facilities
 • Cold Storages
 • Electrical & Electronic Industries
 • Show Rooms and Restaurant  
 • Hospitals



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